Service, quality, professionalism and perfection. These are the hallmarks of a corporate event. We add our Latin temperament, foods and music culture to them. If you desire something more than a simple dinner at a restaurant nearby for your corporate event, a truly authentic Latin night, then Los Carballos is the obvious choice!

A relaxed atmosphere is a must when a lot of people get together for teambuilding. We provide the Latin feeling and keep cooking, baking and playing music. You just have fun and enjoy the culinary delights and the music. If you are brave enough, grab the kitchen spoon and compare your knowledge on cooking with Chef Nacho. The menu consists of typical Latin dishes prepared on the basis of prior consultations and accompanied by real Latin music during the evening. We take care of everything in order to guarantee the best corporate event! If the idea gets your attention, request an offer right now and let’s start organizing it together.