Teambuilding in Latin Mood

Corporate event
Service, quality, professionalism and perfection. These are the hallmarks of a corporate event. We add our Latin temperament, foods and music culture to them. If you desire something more than a simple dinner at a restaurant nearby for your corporate event, a truly authentic Latin night, then Los Carballos is the obvious choice!

A relaxed atmosphere is a must when a lot of people get together for teambuilding. We provide the Latin feeling and keep cooking, baking and playing music. You just have fun and enjoy the culinary delights and the music. If you are brave enough, grab the kitchen spoon and compare your knowledge on cooking with Chef Nacho. The menu consists of typical Latin dishes prepared on the basis of prior consultations and accompanied by real Latin music during the evening. We take care of everything in order to guarantee the best corporate event! If the idea gets your attention, request an offer right now and let’s start organizing it together!

Your latin chef

Chef in your kitchen
How about a real, authentic Latin evening in the kitchen of your apartment? Whether it’s an intimate dinner with friends and family, an engagement, a wedding anniversary or any other cause for a celebration, enjoy a totally unique and personalized dining experience in the comfort and privacy of your home.

We combine the authentic flavors of Latin cuisine with Latin tunes to make the evening an unforgettable experience and create lasting memories. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy yourself while we take care of everything else. We will do food shopping according to the previously agreed menu, do all the preparations and cooking work, you just have to enjoy the Latin Fiesta brought into your kitchen by Chef Nacho and Michel. Whether it is a party at home, or a dinner, you can count on Los Carballos anytime!

Celebration in Latin Ambience

Birthday party
Would you like to have a truly unforgettable birthday party or to organize one for a friend? An authentic Latin party would dazzle everyone for sure! We provide Cuban and/or Mexican dishes on your choice, do the food shopping and prepare the meals in your home or deliver them to the rented party venue. All you have to do is welcome your guests who arrive right into the middle of the Latin Fiesta!

Delicious culinary treats, drinks and dance are guaranteed all night long. Hot Latin rhythms are brought you by the Cuban band La Movida. Dance together with professional Cuban dancers to thrilling music until the morning lights. If you haven’t had anything like this before, now is the time! Do not hesitate to contact us and let’s start organizing! Impress your friends with an authentic Latin Fiesta!

Add Latin Flavor to Your Wedding

The Big Day has just arrived. Would you like to make it special? Would you be happy to break with the traditions? We have a very good idea. Let’s organize a Latin evening at your wedding! We provide the key elements for your wedding guests to spend the evening in the best mood and not even think about leaving the party and going home at 12.30. Instead of an average wedding band with the usual music, we add Latin flavor to the celebration!

Los Carballos creates for you the unique Latin feeling, combining cuisine with music, for the whole evening or just a part of the wedding party. Who wouldn’t want to do time travel and visit Cuba, the world’s most romantic country and the motherland of rum, cigars and salsa? Chef Nacho and the band La Movida make the most important day of your life unforgettable and guide you to the sensual nights in Cuba. We guarantee that nobody will get bored during the evening. And you’ll get all the compliments from your guests. Nothing quite tops the joy of having a Hungarian wedding combined with Latin Fiesta, if you ask us! 😉

Latin spice

Cocktail party
Spice up your cocktail party with Latin flavor! A world of dizzying cocktails and thrilling Latin music can seduce anybody and make the evening unforgettable. We provide food with music, you provide venue with guests. Impress everyone with a unique Latin Fiesta featuring Chef Nacho and the Cuban band called La Movida.

Whether it’s a cocktail party in your home or in your office, add a pinch of Latin flavor to your party to make the evening more successful! Instead of a full meal, dazzle your guests with delicious, traditional Cuban “bites” pairing with cocktails and tunes. You can be 100% sure that we mix you a Latin cocktail party the whole city is going to talk about! Send your application and let’s get the party started!

For events of any kind

Cuban Show
Do you want to spice up your event with a hot and never-to-be-forgotten Cuban show? You are in the right place at the right time! We bring you not only the feeling of the Cuban lifestyle, but the flavor and culture of our music. Exotic dishes, pulsating rhythms, tempting dancers fly you into joyful and magical Cuba, home of the salsa, the cigar, rum, and the palm trees. Your guests will love the show, which will bring them the real, unadulterated, Latin carnival atmosphere.

Listening to Michel’s voice will make you feel like you are in the middle of a hot and seducing Cuban night. Our Cuban dancers boost the mood to the music of the band La Movida. Chef Nacho serves exciting and exotic flavors of Cuba with its spiciness and citrus flavors. These aromas are so different from the usual Hungarian flavors that they can make any occasion truly special. If you want to taste the real Cuba, do not hesitate to contact us to organize a lifelong experience for your event!