Enjoy your own private
Latino chef!

A totally unique and personalized dining experience in the comfort and
privacy of your home while we take care of everything else.


We buy ingredients.
We cook in your home.
We serve each dish.
We clean up before leaving.


1. We first have a meeting with you at your kitchen to get to know the place.

2. We will custom write the menu to your tastes and requirements.

3. We will do all the food shopping getting only high quality ingredients.

4. On the big day we will arrive a few hours earlier to do all the preparation and cook the previously agreed menu freshly.

5. When we leave there’s no mess to clean up in the kitchen, as we leave it sparkling clean.

You can just relax, enjoy and have a great time, no worries.


Try something different

You don’t have to be royalty to afford your own private chef in your home. Whether it’s an intimate dinner with friends and family, an important event, a cocktail party or a celebration, Los Carballos offers you the perfect combination of taste and tunes.

Enjoy your own private Latino chef who will cook traditional Latin American recipes for you and your guests.


Customized Service Tailor - Made Price

Our experience has taught us that every event is different. They’re all unique and have their own purpose. We provide customised services tailor-made for your event. Ask an offer and we make your dreams come true!


Lots of people have already enjoyed
the experience

You have questions – We have answers

Why do I need private chef service?

Hiring a private chef is a good solution when you want to make a special occasion and you don’t have time or ability to cook a 3/4-course menu for your guests. Some hire chefs for birthday parties, anniversaries, holiday events or vacation rentals (think bachelorette party!). Whatever your need, we are here to help. Having a private chef prepare meals on-site will leave your guests with a memorable experience.

Is a private chef affordable?

The service that a private chef provides is comparable in price to the equivalent meal served in a restaurant. Of course, if you order a fish taco, the price will be significantly less than a lobster. Prices will vary based on menu selections. But for an in-home event, you get to skip the upcharge for beverages or any corkage fees that you would pay in a restaurant. And, the convenience and experience of having a private chef come to you is priceless. And the live music, that we can also provide, is just the icing on the cake.

What services are included when I hire a private chef?

The chef will plan a menu for the occasion, shop for all ingredients, prepare in advance, and cook and serve your meals. You have the option of having the chef cook on-site – which is the ultimate chef experience as you and your guests can then talk with the chef about meal prep –or you can choose to have your food delivered in 60-70% prepared conditions and only the final phases will be done on-site. The chef will leave your kitchen as clean as it was before he arrived.

What do I need to provide?

We will use your plates, glasses, utensils, dishes, saucepans, napkins, etc. On the day of the event please make sure that the counters are clear and the sink & dishwasher are empty.

Who sets the table?

Most of the times the room is decorated, and the table is already set when we arrive with all of the plates, utensils, glasses, centerpieces, etc. However we can also set the table if you don’t have the time. Just show us where everything is, and we’ll take care of it.

How long before the start time do you arrive?

Depending on the menu, arrival times can be 2 to 3 hours before the meal is to be served. Larger events (such as weddings) or cooking everything on-site may require an earlier arrival time (5 to 8 hours). On certain instances these times may vary and generate extra costs. We will work with you to set up an arrival time prior to your event.

What is the minimum number of guests?

It starts with a romantic dinner for two and goes up to as many as your dining room can hold. The more people you have, the price per person is less.

What menu options do you have?

We prepare Latin-American meals, mainly Cuban and Mexican dishes. (We don’t prepare Hungarian dishes.) We will create a personalized menu based on your preferences. We can provide gluten and lactose free, vegetarian & vegan friendly menu options upon request.

We have menu options for children up to 12 years old and we charge 50% of the normal menu price per child.

Do you charge extra fees for traveling?

As we are located in Budapest, we proudly serve in all the districts of Budapest free of charge. Outside Budapest traveling fees are specific to each event and are based on location.

What payment methods are accepted?

We ask for a 50% deposit of the final bill to secure the date. You can pay this amount by wire transfer to the bank account number of MyLittleWorld Kft.: 16200010-00079703 at MagnetBank. When this amount has been arrived to our bank account we will issue a deposit invoice and will send it to you by email. The outstanding amount will be paid in cash or by card (we are equipped with card reader) on site on the day of the event.

What is the cancelation policy?

Reservation cancelled up to 30 days before the time of the booking: the total booking value will be refunded.

Reservation cancelled between 7 and 30 days before the time of the booking: 50% of the total booking value will be refunded.

Reservation cancelled less than 7 days before the time of the booking: No money will be refunded.

Have more questions?

Feel free to send them to info@loscarballos.com email address. Thank you.

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